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Performance Anvils

The High Performance Difference

Ok so, what are "Performance Parts" and how are they different? Imagine you own a race car. Do you want the stock carburetor to put into your car or do you want to have the top of the line carburetor to get you to the finish line as fast as possible? With that metaphor in mind, CET Performance parts are specifically designed to increase recovery and decrease maintenance downtime. With that said, there are 3 ways our parts are different than the stock parts you get from the manufacturer.

1. Patented Adjustment System

Maintenance downtime is always an issue, and a large consumer of that time is shimming anvils. Our anvil adjustment system takes shimming anvils down from hours to minutes by offering an in-place solution to the shimming problem. No matter what machine you have or who made it, we can redesign the anvil to accommodate the adjusters and give you an anvil that will last longer and be easier to adjust. See the video below for a quick view of how it works.

Performance Anvil

How To: Adjusting your Anvils with the CET Adjustment System

Cutting Edge Tooling Product Highlight: Anvil Adjustment from David Reed on Vimeo.

View the Anvil Adjustment System


2. Advanced Materials and Coatings

Using advanced materials, we have removed the need for chromed anvils in most applications. Our high performance anvils are made from a high nickel alloyed steel that becomes harder as it sees wear. On average, using anvils made from this material will double the life of your anvils. We've also done extensive research on different coating types available for those applications the high nickel alloyed steel won't work in. We offer the traditional chrome that you're accustomed to, but also a carbide coating that lasts, at a minimum, twice as long as a comparable chromed anvil. If you're interested in any specialized coating, ask us about it when you contact us!

Performance Anvils

Flute your Anvils, Run Tighter Tolerances

Anvils are a necessary evil. You have to have them to control the log or the cant, but they also get in the way and can slow things down. They often act like a brake pad. By fluting your anvils, you can decrease the friction on the production line which allows you to run tighter tolerances in your machine.

Performance Anvils

  • Dial Indicator, Smith Sawmill Service

    Dial Indicator

    Cutting Edge Tooling

    1/2" Range dial indicator that reads 0-100 at 0.001" per mark and is accurate +/-0.001". Includes NIST Traceability Certification. Item can be orde...

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  • CET Adjustable Head, Smith Sawmill Service

    Adjustable Head

    Cutting Edge Tooling

    This is the adjustable head that goes on the end of the indicator adjuster arm (DMI-3). It can be used with other dial style indicators but it com...

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  • CET Waterproof Carrying Case, Smith Sawmill Service

    Waterproof Carrying Case

    Cutting Edge Tooling

    Each DMK-1 is stored and shipped in a foam fitted water tight case that will protect the entire kit from corrosion. All pertinent documentation wi...

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  • CET DMI-5 Magnets, Smith Sawmill Service

    Magnets - 176 lbs Pull Magnet

    Cutting Edge Tooling

    High Magnetic (176 lb. magnetic pull) Indicator Base with On/Off Switch. Each kit comes standard with 2 DMI-5s. Item can be ordered individually.  

  • CET DMI-4 Indicator Button, Smith Sawmill Service

    Indicator Button

    Cutting Edge Tooling

    This button is used at the bottom of the indicator to give a wider contact point and is black oxide coated to prevent rust and corrosion. Item can ...

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  • CET Double Mag Base Kit 1, Smith Sawmill Service

    Double Mag Base Kit 1

    Cutting Edge Tooling

    Double Mag Base Kit (Contains: 1 Double Mag Base, 1 SPI Dial Indicator, 1 Dial Indicator Arm & 2 - 176 lbs pull magnets) Cutting Edge Tooling, ...

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  • CET Anvil Adjuster Wrench, Smith Sawmill Service

    Anvil Adjuster Wrench

    Cutting Edge Tooling

    Choose your size of adjuster

  • CET Anvil Adjuster Set Screw, Smith Sawmill Service

    Anvil Adjuster Set Screw

    Cutting Edge Tooling

    Choose your Anvil Set Screw Length

  • CET Anvil Adjuster Caps, Smith Sawmill Service

    Anvil Adjuster Caps

    Cutting Edge Tooling

    Choose your diameter size or Anvil Adjuster Caps.

  • Anvil Adjuster

    Cutting Edge Tooling

    Choose your thickness and bolt size