Things That Make Your Guide Dresser Bump and Vibrate.

Paul Smith |

A simple belt on your guide dresser can cause a great amount of loss in yield and grade at your mill. We at Smith Sawmill Service have been inspecting and re-aligning guide dressers, at many mills, for many years. It has come to our attention that on many of these machines, put together adjustable link belts are being used to drive the cutters. Vibration is a real concern with guide dressers, as they need to run as smooth as possible so that both accuracy and finish are as close to dead-on as possible. If you are a saw filer, you know what vibration can do to accuracy and finish surface. However, we have found that most mills use a less efficient and easy way out when it comes to the belts on guide dressers, mostly because that’s what they have in stock or to keep from having to go through purchasing to get the correct belt. It has also come to our attention that some guide dresser manufacturers send new machines out with these adjustable belts installed. We suggest that you change these belts to a more efficient belt that will minimize the bump and vibration in your machine. Belts also need to be replaced, from time to time, as worn belts and belts that have slipped on the pulley can cause problems. I have included a URL, below this blog, of a simple youtube video that will help explain this. It would be beneficial for all mill managers to watch and see the difference it makes in a simple table saw.  It will make the same difference in your guide dresser and will most definitely affect your bottom line.